Laboratorios Silanes S.A. de C.V is a company responsible and committed to the safety and well-being of patients and, for that reason, it makes the necessary information available for you to contact its Pharmacovigilance Unit which is in charge of monitoring the reactions to the drug products manufactured by Laboratorios Silanes S.A. de C.V.

If when using or consuming any of our products, you have or suspect of a side effect, adverse reaction, or product complaint, you can contact the Pharmacovigilance Unit by filling in our form or through the following means:

If call from the Mexican Republic: Si llama del interior de la República:
800-701 8470 55 54 88 3799
Fax: 55 54 88 3737
From the rest of the world:
(+52) 800 701 8470 o (+52) 55 54 88 3799

Take into consideration that in order for you to report the side effect we will need, at least, the following information:

  1. Patient information: Initials, date of birth, gender, and age..
  2. Silanes Product(s) involved in the side effect: Name, dose, route of administration, batch number, and expiration date of the product.
  3. Adverse reaction or problem taking place: Description of the signs, symptoms, or situation occurring or that occurred.
  4. Information of the reporting person: Name of the person that is reporting the event and contact information (phone number, e-mail, etc.)

We will ask you to provide as much information as possible even if you don`t have all the above data.

Form for the report of safety related situations

Reporting person
Note: Review in the product packaging
Note: If more of one reaction should present on different dates, please elaborate on the comments section.
Did you use any other drug to treat the reaction?
Were you receiving other drug(s) before the reaction occurred?
Do you associate the reaction with the drug product from Silanes?
The Pharmacovigilance Unit may contact you using the contact information you provided; however, we need your consent to do this:

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